Dan Pedroni

“In February of 2000 AutoCraft repaired my 1999 Dodge pickup that been in a minor accident. Repairs consisted of some bodywork and repainting the hood, left fender and driver’s side door. I was pleased with the work. After about 10 years, it was obvious that the paint was failing. There was a significant difference between the factory paint and the areas repainted.
In December of 2015, I decided to have the truck repainted. On a whim, I went to AutoCraft and asked them to look at the paint problem. I was told they give a life-time warranty on their work. Fortunately, we found the original paperwork and AutoCraft offered to repaint the areas that failed, no question, no charge…FREE! When I delivered the pickup, I was even offered a ride home. AutoCraft also repaired a small chip and paint the extended cab door which was not part of their original work. The truck looks great, and I could not be happier. AutoCraft’s lifetime warranty is the best!” -Dan Pedroni 1/10/16

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