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Have you recently been in an accident?  Call us at 541.342.5501 (Eugene location) or 541.747.1616 (Springfield location).  Take a deep breath, relax and we'll guide you every step of the way.  After 20 years we've become experts at managing nearly every question imaginable, so you can put your trust in use.  We'll even make sure you get home safely.

If you call us first, we can help you prioritize your decisions, and help you keep track of the details.  We can even arrange to have your vehicle towed.  You may have questions such as: Do I call the police first? Should I exchange information?  When should I call my insurance company?  If my car is towed, how will I get home?

Rest assured that we will take care of you from start to finish.  We promise that we’ll do everything possible to streamline your car care. We’ll work hard to make your experience with us great, and provide you with top quality repairs.

Your vehicle is a major investment, and we understand the value of a job well done.  Your safety and happiness depends on it.

We will make every effort to operate in an efficient and timely manner.  We offer text or email as well as phone updates on the status of your repair.  Our reputation for completing top quality repairs and returning cars to their owners quickly is so well-known that a significant portion of our business comes from repeat customers and positive word of mouth.

Stop in any time at one of our two locations - Eugene or Springfield.  Get a free estimate and meet our friendly and helpful staff.